Challenge to Change

January 3, 2022 - December 31, 2022 project Challenge to Change

Run 4,000 km with coach Stefaan (Marathonman) in 2022

As a running coach at Club365, I personally and motivatedly start 2022 by running many kilometers under the Challenge to Change project with my main goal to run 4,000 km in 2022. If you also walk a bit, it can motivate you to put on those running shoes regularly. Because the chalenge to change aims to increase your fitness, boost your health and achieve weight loss, there is also attention for nutrition, core, injury prevention and running technique. Do you want to increase your Change of success? Then you can contact sports nutritionist Daisy of Estile Sports & Nutrition for professional guidance in the field of nutrition, weight, fat mass / muscle mass ratio. For running technique, core training & injury prevention with Olivier van FOURWARD.

What is the Challenge to Change (CTC-CLUB) concept?

 Challenge to Change is part of the Club365 initiative.

  •     This concept is therefore also available for everyone and free of charge, you only have to register via this form (...) per participant.
  •     All the kilometers you have walked up to the end of 2022, wherever you have walked, count towards the big CTC-CLUB ranking
  •     Register using the registration form and then register the kilometers you run in 2022 via StraVa (more info after registration)
  •     Every Monday you can find yourself on the update ranking together with all other participants.
  •     Earn 1, 2 or 3 medals.
  •     Daisy is ready with advice about nutrition. As soon as the COVID-19 measures are relaxed, a measurement / weighing session will be organized. More info:
  •     Olivier from FOURWARD can help you with injury prevention, core training and analysis of your running technique. More info:

Go for bronze, silver or gold

We provide beautiful original medals the moment you have collected the next kilometers run via the Strava ranking.

  •     Bronze: 420 km
  •     Silver: 1,050 km
  •     Gold: 2,100 km

Thank you for registering and good luck with all your efforts and achievements, a great step towards your health.

If you have any questions, feel free to send an email

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    Questions about nutrition:
    Questions about running technique or injuries:

Stefaan & coach